I have been eagerly expecting my medial protocol for our March transfer (which is fast approaching) to arrive any day! Much to my excitement, it came by email on Friday.

Recently, Josh and I completed the lab work and checked off the requirements from our checklist; except two which have to be completed at the NEDC. Partial shipment of the meds, the estrace and lupron, have arrived. The progesterone will arrive closer to the transfer date.

It’s all becoming real now! Heart flutters. Heart flutters….

My medical protocol goes as follows: Begin Lupron injections 2/13, continue birth control until 2/16, go to NEDC for ultrasound and lab work 2/21, begin Estrace 2/23, go to NEDC for ultrasound and lab work 3/14, start progesterone injections 3/15 (really getting real)! We will be in the homestretch for a TRANSFER DATE OF MARCH 19, 2014!!

Heart flutters…heart flutters. Like literally, I’m getting butterflies typing this.

If you are reading this, and you’re on your own infertility journey, don’t give up!! This will be my 4th attempt using third party reproduction. Looking back, I see the first two attempts (what I used to label as failed attempts) as stepping stones to a successful third transfer, which brought us our son.

The first attempt- using donor oocytes at a different clinic, the second attempt-using donated embryos at the NEDC, and finally- getting pregnant on the third attempt- using donated embryos at the NEDC. We are excited to be starting another stepping stone, God willing, to bring John Luke a sibling(s).


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