Sibling Love… is driving me Crazy


Brae and Sienna love each other.  A lot.  And trust me, this warms a mother’s heart.  I remain in awe about their close bond, despite not sharing a gene between them.  Again, love makes a family, not genetics.

But… sometimes, their bond drives me up the wall.  A few cases in point:

1) One minute, they are on the floor tickling one another, laughing hysterically.  The next, Sienna is running to me, bawling, and she has a scratch on her cheek.  Brae isn’t far behind, screaming, with bite marks on his shoulder.

2) Brae brushes her hair in the morning, putting barrettes in her hair.  When I come in, she has blue, sticky hair.  Toothpaste.

3) When Sienna runs out of underwear, Brae gives her his.

4) Brae has no problem giving Sienna some “tough physical love.”  But he will not stand for anyone else treating her that way.  I’ve had to explain to more than one mother that when Brae screamed, red-faced at her child for even touching Sienna, Brae was really just defending her honor.

… And this one really sticks in my craw….

5) I put the kids to bed, in their separate rooms, around 8 p.m.  And sometimes, in the middle of the night (e.g., 1 a.m.), I hear noises upstairs.  Brae has sneaked into Sienna’s room, pulled her out of bed, and they’ve tiptoed into his room, where he reads to her.  Sienna now has a bell on her door.

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