I’ve debated telling this story, but I would be dishonest if I didn’t. Some people might judge, but after sharing it with several people and hearing their own similar stories, I’m sharing. After all, it’s about the good, the bad, and everything in between, right?
We were on the way to church one Saturday evening when a car stopped short in front of us. I braked and went around this car that had apparently found the house for which it was looking. Neither Jeremy nor I said anything about the car and I didn’t really think much of it…until I heard a little voice from the back passenger side of the van declare “That guy is a dumbass.”
I looked at Jeremy and asked if he was proud, because there was NO doubt that Grant had heard that phrase from Jeremy while driving. Jeremy laughed and said “well, he did use it in proper context and if a three year old can tell you are a dumbass…”
I turned my head and looked out the window as I stifled a laugh. I sure this won’t be the first time they repeat something like this…

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