John Luke had his 15 month checkup and vaccinations.  He remains around the 80th percentile in height, but his weight dropped to the 60th percentile.  His current weight is 25 lbs.  It’s down from his twelve month visit.   I was told this was typical as they are more active during this stage.  According to the pediatrician, he is developing normally and is a “thriving” little kid.

John Luke has become somewhat of a picky eater.  I think it’s more of a texture issue as opposed to taste.  The pediatrician said as he becomes exposed to a wider variety of foods the texture issue will dissipate.

We are trying to eliminate the bedtime bottle.  He is still getting at least 4-6 ounces before bed.  We tried putting him down a few times without a bottle, but he would wake up around 4AM hungry.  As he takes in more solids, and acquires more teeth (he now has 6), we are reducing the formula slowly.  The pediatrician emphasized we really needed to eliminate the bottle very soon.  I’m not ready and neither is John Luke:(  He comes looking for it faithfully around 8:30PM every night.

He is babbling around 7 or so words (although the phonics vary).  The pediatrician said his speech is developing normally.  John Luke “Talk” is as follows:

Daddy- Da da

Mama-now sounds like Na Na

Maggie (our labrador)- Agi or Ag.



Yes-Yes or yeah


One interesting tip learned from the pediatrician’s office is anything that can fit threw a toilet paper tube is too small to play with.  Good to know!  There are a few whistles around the house I need to put away for later.  He is finally tall enough to reach a few new drawers and cabinets.  I am continually baby-proofing as his reach is getting longer, and his curiosity is growing stronger.

Dr. Adams put it best when he said, “He is becoming a real little boy.”

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