Rainbow Sparkle

We welcomed a new member to the family on February 28.  My brother and his wife had their third child, a baby girl named Katie.  Leading up to her birth I talked with Grant and Maria quite a bit about their new baby cousin.  Since the gender was a surprise, we debated whether the baby would be a girl or a boy and what the name should be.  Maria was much more interested in all of this than Grant.  She declared that the baby was a girl like her and would be named Rainbow Sparkle.

When my sister-in-law was in labor, I told Grant and Maria that the baby was coming and they should have a new cousin by morning.  Katie was born after Grant and Maria’s bedtime, so I was excited to tell them the news.  When I told Maria the next morning, she jumped up and down saying “Yay! Yay! The baby came out of Meredith’s body!  Yay!”  Grant wasn’t fazed by the news.

That morning, Katie’s brother and sister were staying at my parent’s house and didn’t know yet that their new sister had arrived.  Jake had an idea, but Leah didn’t understand.  I was dropping Grant and Maria off there for a little bit and realized they knew about the baby, but Jake and Leah didn’t so I told them they couldn’t talk about the baby.  My mom said that Jake mentioned he might have another brother or sister and Grant and Maria looked up wide eyed stating “we can’t talk about the baby!”

We got to meet Katie a little later, but she remained nameless until the next day.  The next morning when the kids woke up I told Maria that her new cousin had a name, she sighed “But I wanted it to be Rainbow.”  She might have gotten the girl she asked for, but naming rights will have to wait until she has one of her own.

Maria and Katie

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