A recent routine mammogram revealed an abnormality in my left breast which required a follow-up mammogram for spot compressions.  Having been called back for a second screening in 2007, I was not worried, feeling sure it would again be fibroids.

I explained to the person scheduling my follow-up, I needed the earliest possible appointment.  I was doing IVF the following Wednesday (used that term for simplicity) and would need the results back ASAP.  My embryos were to be thawed on Tuesday.  The soonest they would be able to see me was Friday.  Less than a week before my transfer.

Josh and I had my final ultrasound and lab work at the NEDC that Friday morning, the same day as my screening.  We headed to Knoxville concerned, but optimistic.  It turned out that my lining was the best it’s ever been at 9.75 mm!  When I was pregnant with John Luke, it had been around 7.6 mm.  My Estradiol came back normal, and I received a message later that day from the NEDC, to start the Progesterone and taper the Estrace.

We headed directly back to Johnson City, to my appointment at the Women’s Health and Imaging Center, for what seemed like the longest wait of my life.  After my screening, the tech informed me, I had a “spot” which was denser than on previous mammograms.  It required an ultrasound.

They allowed Josh and John Luke to come into the room with me.  The doctor performed the ultrasound and said there is 3 criteria he’s looking for to determine if it is a cyst.  My “spot” did not meet all 3 criteria conclusively, and that it would require a needle biopsy.  He also advised me to come off the hormones, and postpone the transfer until “we find out what this is.”

Optimistic it is a cyst, we are more disappointed about not being able to go through with the transfer.  Josh and I will go Monday 3/17 for a needle biopsy.  The results will come back Tuesday 3/18, the day our embryos were to be thawed.

Everything happens for a reason.  For now, I’m just trying to stay positive.

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