21 week: Questionnaire




At the urging of my sister-in-law (who is also pregnant, with twins – and donating the remaining embryos!), here is my “Pregnancy Update Questionnaire” (probably more for my own posterity than anything else):

How far along: 20.5 weeks (21 weeks on Thursday).  Halfway through the second trimester!
Current symptoms: So much better than even a month ago.  I threw up every day, and was nauseated all day, from weeks 7-16.  At my 15 week appointment, I had gained zero pounds.  A week later, after feeling better, I’d gained 6(!).  I still have waves of nausea, and still occasionally toss my cookies, but at least it’s not at the same level of frequency or intensity.
Total weight gain: I’m not entirely sure since I don’t really know where I started at, but I think it’s between 10-15 lbs.  At my last appointment, the doctor said I was on track to gain 25-30 for this pregnancy.
Maternity clothes: Yes, since about week 7.  I popped very early on this one.
Stretch marks: Thank goodness, no.  Doesn’t run in my family.
Sleep: Very difficult to come by. I take Unisom on occasion to help me sleep.
Best moment of this week: Getting to see the baby on the 20-week ultrasound, sucking its thumb and rubbing its feet together.
Miss anything: RUNNING!
Movement: All the time.  My placenta is high and in the back, so I’ve actually felt this one move since probably week 12.
Food cravings: I go through waves of salty vs. sugar.  Nothing consistent, though.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I get more nauseated in the evening, or when I’m very fatigued.  I have to eat very slowly.
Have you started to show yet: My co-worker just told me that if I told her I was due in a month, she’d believe me.  So, yes.
Gender: It’s a surprise! We have no idea. I want a girl.  Tygh, Brae, and Sienna each want a boy.


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