Josh and I went for my needle biopsy on Monday. The radiologist explained my “spot” was only .5 cm, and he could possibly aspirate it. After several attempts, he couldn’t get the needle through “Spot.” It would have to be biopsied. The radiologist took 5 tissue samples.

After the biopsy, “Spot” could no longer be seen on ultrasound. He wanted to do another mammogram to see if the area could be seen by x-ray. After the screening, it was decided “Spot” had disappeared from the image.

Tuesday, after a long day of waiting for results, The Imaging Center, finally phoned late that afternoon. They informed us to be at the clinic @ 2:30 PM the following day to meet with the pathologist.

Anxious, but not overly concerned, Josh and I left John Luke with his parents. They were visiting from Alabama, for what we thought would be my transfer, and subsequent bed rest. When we arrived at the Imaging Center, we were called back to a consultation room. The pathologist walked in and said, “I have good news, we found no cancer.” It was concluded “Spot” was a Non-Malignant Fibrocystic Proliferation, in other words, a cyst!!

The feeling of relief is an understatement. We were ecstatic! Our biggest fear was, if it turned out to be breast cancer, I might be advised to stop infertility medications, and we wouldn’t be able to do another transfer for some time.

We stayed optimistic…however…I couldn’t help wonder about the impact this could have on my chances of getting pregnant with a sibling. My concern would be to “age out” before using our six remaining embryos; or to have a type of breast cancer that might be sensitive to hormone therapy.

Josh and I have emotional ties to these embryos. They are the biological siblings to our son. We’ve been through so much already to get these precious embryos, six years of infertility.

I do not want to minimize the thought of having breast cancer. I watched one of my best friends go through chemo and a double mastectomy, but the idea of not being able to get pregnant with our embryos; or the thought of having to give them up, scared me even more.

We had faith things would work out the way they were meant to, even if, we didn’t get the results we wanted. Ready to move forward, we contacted the NEDC and are scheduled for a May transfer!!

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