We live in what is routinely called the allergy capital of the world. If you lived elsewhere and didn’t suffer from allergies, it is highly likely that you will experience allergy symptoms upon spending any time in Louisville.

Unfortunately for Grant, he’s got them bad! We experienced the severity of his allergies last Thursday and Friday with constant runny nose, eyes and cough. Poor guy was miserable, as were all of us who had to listen to his suffering. Apparently the tree pollen went through the roof and his little body reacted with a vengeance.

We purchased an over the counter allergy medication and hoped for relief. Unfortunately, it did nothing. We did nebulizer treatments, loaded him with night time Zarbees, Vick’s vapor rub, and even home made saline spray but nothing worked. He coughed much he threw up twice. Friday night was a LONG night. I tapped out at 11:30 and Jeremy took over with regular checks to make sure he wasn’t choking to death. At around 1:30 he had the brilliant idea to give Grant some honey, but couldn’t find any so he settled for agave. It worked. Grant gave a thumbs up and actually stopped coughing long enough to fall asleep for a couple of hours.

The next day we found an alternative allergy medicine (on sale in bulk at Costco!) and gave it a whirl along with some local honey and real saline spray. Add some Vick’s and Zarbees for good measure and he finally got some relief. We’ve managed to drop the Vick’s and Zarbees from the regimen and he’s not being held hostage coughing. Praise God!

Thankfully, Maria doesn’t seem as impacted by the springtime allergies like Grant. We are all taking local honey and hoping for the best. According to the forecast, our long and miserable winter is going to make for a long and miserable allergy season.

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