Birth Orders





This week, I got curious about what it supposedly means to be at a certain spot in the birth order.  This fascinates me because none of my children will be where they were “supposed” to be.  Brae is the oldest in our family, and yet, he has an older half-sister.  Sienna will be the middle child in our family, and yet she is the youngest in her genetic family, with two older siblings.  This next Colton baby will be the youngest, and yet, if we had gone about creating a family in the “traditional” sense, he/she would have been the oldest.

According to some sites, this is what birth order means, and whether it rings true with my kiddos:

Oldest (Brae) — These siblings tend to:

1) Take responsibility for siblings (yes)
2) Get along with authority figures (does Mom and Dad count?)
3) Be high achievers (yes)
4) Need to feel right, perfect, or superior (yes)
5) Be the “good” kids who follow the rules and set examples for siblings (debatable)

Middle (Sienna) (this is a little unfair to her, because she doesn’t know yet she will soon be the middle child) — These siblings tend to:

1) Try to catch up to older child’s achievements (not really)
2) Try to be opposite of older child (yes)
3) Rebel to find their own place (yes)
4) Have the ability to get along with almost anyone (mostly, yes)
5) Have an easy going approach to life (yes)

Youngest (Colton baby) (perhaps a look into the future) — These siblings tend to:

1) Be spoiled (probably)
2) Be clever, self indulgent, and highly creative (sounds like Brae)
3) Be treated as the baby (oh, joy)
4) Suffer from low self esteem (oh, no)

An interesting caution I’ve seen given to parents is that when the second, third, etc. child comes along, there doesn’t seem to be as many pictures taken, videos, etc.  I raise my hand shamefully on this one.  I haven’t even taken a belly picture with this precious baby yet.  I know Sienna’s photos are also woefully behind her brothers (and yet, she’s also lived half a lifetime less than he has, so I can’t be too hard on myself).

I’m excited to see how our family takes shape and how each child’s personality develops.



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