There was a discussion on the an embryo adoption support regarding biological vs genetic parents and how EA moms define ourselves.  I have always felt that I am their biological mother in the sense that I carried them and my body/blood sustained them.  I know their DNA isn’t from me so I do not refer to them as my genetic children.  We refer to the donor family as the genetic family and not the biological family.

Through that discussion there was an article posted about how genes can be impacted even if a child is not with their genetic family.  In essence, the environment that someone is in determines how genes are expressed.  Grant and Maria are who they are down to the genetic level because of Jeremy and me.  Fascinating stuff.


2 thoughts on “Epigenetics

  1. I hope you don’t mind me asking but is it possible to join that embryo adoption support group? My husband and I have 2 ea children and I would love to connect with other families.

  2. Wow, all I can say is “mind boggling” and what two little blessings you have to show for it.

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