Grant has an imaginary friend named Camper.  Camper showed up this weekend and has apparently been on a number of adventures with Grant.   Grant’s stories typically start with the phrase “when I was a kid…”  He and Camper have gone to concerts together, sleep overs, and spent a lot of time playing together.  I asked what Camper looks like and he said that “Camper is another person.”

We are still working on potty training Grant.  I’ve come to the realization that he is fully capable, but just doesn’t care.  Some days he does very well and others are not so well.  When putting his underwear on I always remind him and ask him what it means when he’s wearing underwear.  Most of the time he says “Pee on potty.”  On Sunday, I guess he was tired of the question and answered with “Poop on a cracker.”  Sigh.

One day when Grant had an accident Maria replied, “Ohhhh, G.”

I wonder if Camper is potty trained?


One thought on “Camper

  1. Aren’t kids hilarious. This too shall pass and down the road provide some great memories.

    Tks for sharing.

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