John Luke and I came home for the weekend to see my mom “Babo” and step-dad “Papa” or “Poppy”.  I love going home, but there are always challenges.  Their house is on the Hiwasaee River with a 30 ft drop in the back yard, and they have a Koi fish pond in the front yard.  And nothing is baby proofed!

Saturday we went to a campaign breakfast for the local mayoral candidate in town (my family is very interested in politics).  We came home and let John Luke ride his four wheeler around the yard.  The neighbors dog “River” paid frequent visits, and at one point, took off with John Luke’s pacifier Ducky.   Having already lost his other pacifier Froggy, I had to run after River to fetch it.  John Luke thought we were chasing each other, and thought the whole thing was hilarious.

We took a drive Sunday along the Ocoee River, and watched some Kayaking and White Water Rafting.  We stopped at the Ocoee Dam Diner for lunch.  They had a pet rooster that paroled outside the restaurant for crumbs.  I asked the waitress if it just hung around all the time.  She said it was the owners and they hand fed him.

We are leaving tomorrow.  Josh said Maggie, our Lab, has been pouty and wondering around the house like she’s lost.  He thinks she’s missing the baby.

It’s been a good weekend at Grandma’s.  Then, it’s always good to get home and sleep in my own bed.



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