Notes from week three of parenting class.

1)Kids coming in to bed with you at night: Gently lead or carry them back to their bed. Stay outside the door until they are quiet. Open the door if asleep, and cover them. May have to repeat until child will stay in their own bed. Parents may have to take shifts.

2)Misbehavior in public: Take charge in loving way. May have to sit child in a safe place for “time out” until fit is over. If child doesn’t calm down, may have to hold child until calm, no matter how many people show disapproval.

3)Use enforceable statements: Use enforceable words. “If you don’t stop picking on your sister, you will go to your room”. Say what you mean and mean what you say. The only thing parents can control is how they react to a situation, cannot always control the child’s behavior. Must always follow through with the enforceable statement initiated.

4)Model behaviors you want kids to learn: Use excitement and joy when wanting kids to learn a behavior or act a certain way. You have to model that behavior. Kids copy things and learn more when not being preached to. Use this for everything from brushing teeth, to buckling seatbelt, to having fun with chores.

5)Potty training: Make it fun. Say things like, “Bye bye pee pee, you’re out of here!” when flushing the toilet. Let them flush the toilet.

6)Start kids helping with chores: Start them with chores as soon as they can walk. Model silly ways to have fun with chores. Example, “Die germs, die.” Get them to help take clothes out of dryer. Teach them to see how fast they can get the clothes out. Make a game out of it.

7)Explain morning routine on Sunday afternoon:   This is helpful at the start of a new school year or with a change in routine. For example, “The car leaves for school at 7:20 in the morning. This is what the clock will look like when it is time to leave.” Give them a 5 minute warning in the morning that it is almost that time.




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