Last week was fun filled with Easter Egg hunting and family time down in Alabama. We took a five day visit “down south” to see Josh’s parents and brother, his brother’s wife and four kids. Their Uncle John even came by for a visit.

John Luke had fun riding four wheelers and watching his older cousins play. He wanted to do everything they were doing. Emma is 9, Anna Kate 7, Spencer, 5, and Zachary 3. I’m glad the youngest of the cousins are boys. Zachary took John Luke under his wing and wanted to show him everything.

We went to the Good Friday and Easter Services at church and had our fair share of home cooked goodies. Josh’s mom did a great job of planning. As she would tell ya, “And no one got in a snit”. It’s always good to get together. We live too far and I wish we had more times like these.

Josh, John Luke and I weren’t ready to say goodbye, but it was time to head home. I had my doctors appointment in Knoxville on Wednesday for an ultrasound and bloodwork. The appointment went well and I received a call from the NEDC the next morning to start the Estrace. It’s hard to believe I have only three weeks until my transfer.

I got a text on my way to Knoxville from my sister-n-law saying the kids couldn’t stop talking about John Luke. What sweet memories they will have growing up together.

The good Lord willing maybe we can add another Foster cousin to this crazy brood.

2 3 IMG_0305


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