Some recent favorites from my favorite 5-year-old:

1) “Mommy, is God preparing a house for me in heaven?”


“And is He preparing a house for you?”


“When I get to heaven, I want to be your neighbor.”

2) Our beloved sister-in-law endured a miscarriage earlier this year.  Since we had told Brae about the baby before the miscarriage, we had to tell him the baby had not survived further.

“Mommy, is the baby in Auntie’s tummy in heaven?”



“Well, that’s where God wanted it.”

“Because God doesn’t have a baby of His own?”

3) “Brae, did you go to timeout today?”



(Shrugging).  “Mommy, I can’t remember how to stay out of timeout.”

4) We tell Brae it’s important to eat all his food so he grows up big and strong.  After throwing up, Brae one morning, Brae turned to me and said, “Mom, I’m a little bit smaller today.”



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