Gulp…it’s that time of year again…Mother’s Day. A holiday loved or loathed. Celebrated by mother’s. Dreaded by “waiting to be” mother’s experiencing infertility.

I’m an overcomer of infertility. I found my path to becoming a mother. At times though, I still bear the scars. Three years ago on Mother’s Day, I was where you are. I was happy for all those mother’s who deserve a day to be pampered, spoiled, and put on a pedastal!! BUT– I was still so painfully aware of my own void without children. I loved all my friends and family who deserved to be celebrated, but I loathed the day.

My transfer is a week from Mother’s Day, Sunday May 18th. I find myself in a different place this year. I am now a mother to an adopted child, that I carried and delivered, but I am still taking infertility medications for a second adopted child.

I can rejoice with the mom’s out there who tirelessly give to their children, and I can weep for the waiting “momma to be”. I celebrate all YOU whose arms and hearts are empty, for your tireless efforts to keep fighting, persevering, and to not give up, until you too, hear the words you long to hear, “Happy Mother’s Day.”

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