Scenes from our last Kid-less vacation





Last week, we took (sniff, sniff) our last kid-less vacation, at least for a while. With baby #3 on the way, our families (who have so wonderfully watched Brae and Sienna while we’ve galavanted on other trips), have admitted that three little ones is simply too much to take on. We understand.

So, with heavy hearts, we flew off to Mexico for one last trip sans kids. Some friends joined us, and it was an amazing trip.

We talked to the kids every night, and I’m thoroughly convinced we missed them way more than they missed us.

But, when we arrived at the airport, they were there (surprise!) waiting for us. Sienna nearly teared up when she saw me. They both looked so much older – after only a week. Each was a little clingy for the first few days, but we’ve now settled back into normal life routine.

It is such a cliche, but as much as we love vacations, we also love being back home.

I returned and had a belated 28-week appointment. I passed my glucose test, but learned that I’m slightly anemic. More beans and legumes for me. But, that does explain some lightheadedness and fatigue I’ve been feeling.

I’m thrilled to be in the third trimester, and heading downhill, and just cannot wait to meet this little one – and figure out what the heck to call it.


Spring 2014 009v2 Spring 2014 011v2 Spring 2014 014v2 Spring 2014 017v2 Spring 2014 021v2 Spring 2014 022v2

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