There is always a buzz around our house transfer week. It’s the anticipation of becoming pregnant. This will be my third transfer through the NEDC. My first didn’t take, but the second transfer brought my amazing son. Hopefully, this time will bring a sibling for John Luke.

Tuesday, Josh and I went to Knoxville, for my final ultrasound and blood work. My lining was 9.2 mm. Josh and I were hoping for anything over 9, so we were ecstatic with the results. My lining was only 7.76 mm when I had John Luke.

The NEDC called the following day to inform me to start the Progesterone. As painful as the shots can be, it’s thrilling to get the go ahead to start the PIO. It means were getting close and its “getting real.”

Josh’s parents came from Alabama on Thursday, to watch John Luke, so we could have a few days in Knoxville to ourselves. We wanted John Luke to get reacquainted with them before we left. He enjoyed all the attention given by his grandparents. By the time we left on Saturday, we felt comfortable he would be fine without us.

It was good for Josh and me to get away just the two of us. This was only the second time I’ve spent the night away from John Luke in 19 months. We did a little shopping then went out to dinner- and for me a Margarita! Hopefully, it will be my last one for 9 months!!

My transfer wasn’t until 12:30PM. We slept in that morning, then went for breakfast at the hotel. I started getting giddy that it was almost time. I was anxious to find out how many of the three embryos being thawed had survived. We went back to our room to start getting ready.

The NEDC asked us to be there 30 minutes early. We arrived at the NEDC just before noon. The nurse called us back. We were met by Dr. Keenan and Dr. Carol Sommerfelt, the embryologist. Carol handed us the picture of our embryos. All three had survived!! They were graded 4ab, 3ab, and 4bc.

They took me to the procedure room for the transfer.   Everything went well, and I got to see the embryos being transferred on the ultrasound screen. Dr. Keenan said, “The embryos looked good, and we would hope for the best. Maybe we will get as lucky this time as last time.”

The nurse wheeled me back to recovery, where I had to lay flat for 30 minutes. Feeling good and hopeful, Josh and I went for a quick lunch at Calhoun’s, then back to the hotel for bed rest.

The recovery nurse told us I could go to my primary doctor for a blood pregnancy test in 9 days, which would be on May 27th. Nine days and counting…butterflies.

photo(2) photo(3) photo(4)

4 thoughts on “TRANSFER WEEK

  1. Reading this, I realize we were “transfer neighbors”! I was the transfer just before yours on the same day, recovering as you were settling in and getting your embryo report. Blessings to you and prayers for a successful transfer!

    • Hi Neighbor! Blessings and prayers to you as well for a successful transfer. Keep me posted. If we both get positives we can keep up on each other’s progress!! Good luck!!

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