Tuesday, I went to my primary doctor for my blood pregnancy test. I was feeling good that I might get a positive result. I’ve had so many symptoms similar to when I was pregnant with John Luke, I was thinking, I might even be surprised if the test were negative. I never thought before embryo adoption I’d be saying this; but since, I’ve already had a successful pregnancy, I knew what signs to look for.

Wednesday morning all the “quirks and twinges” I’ve been feeling, along with a few other symptoms (such as nausea), were validated. Mary, the IVF nurse with NEDC, called to confirm I was indeed pregnant!! My hcg was 240 and progesterone was 61. I go back to my local doctor, Thursday, for a second blood test to make sure my levels are doubling.

For now we are cautiously optimistic. We’ve only told a handful of family members and a few friends. I am guarded to post this so early…however…I know…I will share with you whatever happens. The good, the bad, and the ugly. All of us (who are warriors through infertility) have a story. Whatever happens, this is a part of my story.

We still have a few milestones: the 2nd hcg test, hearing the heartbeat, and getting through the first trimester. I’m not going to worry myself about things that may never happen. I’m feeling, I will have good news to report in the coming months.

Good luck to all those who went through this cycle. I wish you the best as well!

Here is a picture of a basket filled with baby stuff I made to tell Josh the news.






6 thoughts on “BUMP #2

  1. Omg that is amazing news!! We were there on the same day for our third attempt. We did not get the results we wanted but to hear that y’all did that is amazing. The NEDC is an amazing place. Traveling from texas I don’t regret one thing about going to them. We may have not achieved a pregnancy but the NEDC was a blessing to us. I can’t wait to continue to read your story and how great of a big brother John Luke will be. Congrats so happy for y’all !!!

  2. Thank you Krisa for your thoughts and prayers. Blessings to you and your family as well. Keep in touch!

  3. Reading your post brought me tears. I’m do sorry you didn’t get the news you wanted and most definitely deserved after trying 3 attempts in a year wow 🙂 that breaks my heart for you. I’m crying right now for you and your perseverance. What will you do next? I hope you journey on if it is your desire. Will be praying guidance and comfort for you. Keep in touch. I would love to hear if you pursue another path. Best wishes to you !!

    • We really don’t know if we are going to tell people we want to adopt so they can spread the word or do foster to adopt. We looked into private adoption through an agency years ago but it was more then what we can spend. All we can do now is pray God sends us down the right path. :). Best wishes to y’all and God bless you.

  4. Menissa,
    I am so sorry for just now replying, I just saw this post. I hope by now you have some clarity on which path you will take. I know God led us all along. He has a different path for everyone on this journey. It’s difficult to accept sometimes when we want a different answer, or we are tired of waiting. I wish you the best and hope you are getting much needed answers to grow your family:)

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