Laughable Moments

5:20 on a Friday morning.  Maria hears me getting ready.  I enter their room and answer the request to rock her.  While doing so, Grant tells me the following: “Mommy, you have to go to work.  If you don’t work we won’t have a house, or toys, or food, or popsicles.  We will only have grass and sticks to play with.”  Apparently, he’s paying attention when I explain why I have to work.

While driving Maria says “Look at that silly goose over there.”  I inform her that it’s not a goose, it’s a pigeon.  She looks at Grant and says “G, that is not a goose, it’s a pigeon.  My mom told me that and she knows everything!”  Wonder if I can get that in writing and notarized?

Shopping for birthday cards for Jeremy when Maria spots a hot pink “Barbie” card.  But it’s not Barbie…It’s a silhouette of pregnant woman…a congrats on being pregnant card… But she insists…”Daddy loves sparkle!”  Another shopper overheard this conversation and cracked up.  Yes, we bought the hot pink pregnancy card for Jeremy’s birthday.

On the way to Target, Maria sees the Target sign.  “See those red circles.  That’s Target.  I love Target.”  Girl after my own heart.



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