About a year ago, another embryo adoption mom contacted me through the blog on the NEDC website. She wanted to talk with other moms who’ve been through embryo adoption. We’ve been Facebook messaging ever since. Almost a year to the date of our initial contact, I finally got to meet Sarah, her husband Tim, and daughter Vivi.

With Sarah’s permission, I wanted to post how we connected and have been sharing our experiences. We agreed it’s important to connect with other embryo adopting families. We are a small community. With the web and social media, it’s easy to stay in contact with people, around the country, who share this experience.

Sarah and I thought it might encourage others to reach out. If you are interested in pursuing embryo adoption, we thought it might inspire you to link with someone who’s been there, done that. There are so many questions about embryo adoption.

Sarah, Tim, and Vivi were in Tennessee for Sarah’s mock transfer at NEDC. We agreed to meet up for dinner, at the Chop House in Pigeon Forge, to finally meet in person! It was like meeting up with an old friend. We were excited for Vivi and John Luke to meet. They are only three months apart. Tim and Josh are both in the medical field. We hoped they would have common interest as well.

It was therapeutic to talk with a family who shares a similar story through embryo adoption. We have so much in common from things such as: the bond you feel with your remaining embryos, the effects of the meds and the shots, the home-study updates, to our birthing experiences!!

Another NEDC mom, who’s contacted me through the blog, just gave birth to twins about a month ago. I look forward to staying in touch with Sarah and other embryo adoption families I meet along the way.

Here is a pic of me and my new friend Sarah. And our tots- Vivi and John Luke.

photo(6) photo(7)

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