John Luke had his 18 month well baby visit and vaccinations this week. He’s in the 90th percentile of height measuring 32 inches long; and in the 85th percentile of weight clocking in at 27 lbs.

The pediatrician asked if I had any concerns. I told him I didn’t have concerns, but I had questions about how to approach some behavioral issues which could become concerns if not addressed appropriately.

John Luke is going through a hitting/slapping phase. I’ve read this is normal at his age. I’m just not sure how to discipline this behavior. I don’t want to slap his hand, then tell him not to hit. That would be ironic and confusing to a toddler.

My pediatrician suggested we implement time-out. To put him in a safe and confined area (such as a pack-n-play) for a short time. To let him cry and throw-a-fit-because he will. Then when time-out is over, reinforce that we love him, and send him back to playing.

My only other question was about John Luke’s speech. He talks fine, it’s just very limited. He’s still only speaking about 10-15 words. Dada, Mama, hot, cool, outside, ball, thank you, hi, bye, yes or yeah, no, go. The doctor said this is typical for boys, and at around 2 yrs old, they will often have an explosion of words, and start talking in at least two word sentences. John Luke spontaneously said poodle recently while I was reading to him. I know words are sinking in, they are just slow to come back out.

The pediatrician asked if we’d weaned from the bottle. I said we had, but we were still weaning from the pacifier. I replied that we are trying to limit to bedtime, and occasionally when we are out. My theory is it keeps him from putting other more unsavory things in his mouth.

Next week, we have our 6 week ultrasound at NEDC. My 2nd hcg came back at 700 which Dr. Keenan seemed pleased was a good number. We are anxious and excited to get our first glimpse at our new little bean!   We are praying for good health.


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