The Virtual Village

I’ve been in awe of the support, encouragement and prayers for a member of the embryo adoption and donation support page on facebook.  Still in her 2nd trimester with twins, she lost one of the babies and is threatening miscarriage with the other baby.  This group has poured prayers from across the country.  I think any woman can relate to the pain of a lost pregnancy, however loss after infertility seems even more cruel.  She and her husband are on a roller coaster right now and I ask for continued prayers as no matter what, they have a long road ahead.

I’ve been reminded this week of the prayers we received on our journey including a woman who prayed with me while I waited for an ultrasound when I started bleeding at 15 weeks.  I think she was real, but part of me wonders if she was an angel.  I know one thing is certain her prayer brought comfort to my fear.   I was also reminded of the network of strangers who reached out to me from across the country when Grant and Maria were in the NICU.  Again, I was comforted through fear and fatigue.

Support is so important, even if it’s virtual support.  I didn’t realize how much was out there and wish I had been plugged into more; I didn’t have to go it alone.  I hope others struggling can reach out and find support from those who can relate; it’s out there and it’s invaluable.

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