Body Parts and Functions…A 4 Year Old’s Perspective

Grant watched Jeremy change his shirt and apparently asked about nipples. Grant came into the living room and stated “I will have nipples when I’m big.”  Maria in turn came out and got on my lap and tugged on my bra…”Mommy, will I have these?”  To which I replied, yes, she will breasts when she gets older.  She crossed her arms and dropped her head “But Mommy, I won’t know who I am!”

We make sure we teach the proper names of body parts.  I was scratching my leg and Grant thought I was doing something else,  “Mommy, why you scratching your penis?”  “G, I don’t have a penis.”  Maria loudly followed up with “Mommy has a GINA!”  This was followed by the kids listing everyone we know and whether they have a penis or a vagina.

One day while getting the kids ready for baths, Grant looked at me and said “Mommy, how does Ria pee if she doesn’t have a penis?”

Grant has learned to wipe himself after pooping.  This seems monumental after taking forever to potty train.  He now will get up on his own and poop in the morning, which is often as early as 6:30.  On Sunday, I heard their bedroom door open and close no less than three times.  When I finally got up, he announced the following “Mommy!  I poop A LOT!   I have HUMUNGUS turds!” And he used A LOT of toilet paper…our toilet can handle nearly and entire roll in one flush.  We are now working on appropriate toilet paper utilization.

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