It is with excitement (and some hesitation) I announce- We’re pregnant with twins!! My excitement is for obvious reasons, but the hesitation is due to a couple of factors.

First, I worry about adding more pain for couples who have gone through transfer cycles and didn’t get pregnant. Second, I’m still only 7 weeks. Until we get through the first trimester and beyond, Josh and I are cautious to celebrate too soon.

Because of my high hcg, we had suspected twins. My beta more than doubled the first 48 hours. I also had more symptoms this pregnancy than with John Luke. We did some research online, and found that it could go either way. I could have a really strong singleton- although– my hcg also fell within the twin range. During my phone consultation, Dr. Keenan confirmed my number was in the twin range; and said we won’t know for sure until the 6 week ultrasound.

At the ultrasound, Josh and I anxiously waited until the nurse practitioner at NEDC said, “There are two babies and two heartbeats.” She’d also said both babies measurements and heartbeats were within normal range. Baby A’s heartbeat was 117 and Baby B’s heartbeat was 107. I had asked if the 107 seemed low. She replied, “No, anything over 100 was within normal.”

Hearing “two babies and two heartbeats” was one of those surreal moments of my life. Going through infertility, we had always dreamed of having twins. We’ll have to take it one day at a time (at least until I am further along). Even so we are feeling blessed!! I also feel a little melancholy for those couples whose transfers didn’t take.

I share my success story for others to know embryo adoption can work. If you’re still struggling to become a parent, I’m sorry for your loss each time you go through a treatment, and you don’t get the answer you desire. I pray you find your success story.

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