Post-baby blues




Someone in our house is struggling with the post-baby blues.  For once, I wish it were me.

It is Sienna.

She has taken baby Graem coming home harder than anyone else.  She is just all out of sorts.

Temper tantrums.  Whining.  You name it.  She has brought the full force of her 3-year-old self to bear on our family.

I know this transition is hard for her, which thankfully, I’m able to remember when I otherwise could lose myself to impatience.  She is struggling, and I empathize.

God knew what He was doing when bringing Graem into our family. For so many reasons, it is good he is a boy vs. a girl.  The main reason I appreciate now is because I don’t think Little Miss could handle the direct competition of another girl in the family.  The fact that he is a boy suits her better for her motherly role, and she does dote on him.

She loves him; she’s mad at me.

Each night, I tell her how special she is to me.  How she’s my only girl.  My princess.  I tell her I understand how hard this change must be, and it’s ok to be upset.

She just nods, smiles, and tells me she wants strawberries.

Yesterday, we went to the library and got her some “big sister” books.

I don’t know how much she is able to comprehend of what I tell her, or what we’re reading in the books.  She isn’t able to communicate fully how she’s feeling with the transition.  My heart just goes out to her.

I know this is just a season, and we’ll get through this transitory phase soon.  Hopefully, relatively unscathed.


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