Gardening Lessons

In May we started a very Charlie Brown garden.  It is my first ever vegetable garden and I really had no idea what I was doing when I started.  Apparently, I didn’t need to know a whole lot.  Hand till the ground, organic fertilizer, weed and water.  Grant and Maria gladly helped with picking out the plants and had fun helping to till the ground.   Now our garden is no longer qualified as a Charlie Brown garden.  It has already required expansion and is full of lush green plants.  It has yielded numerous zucchini’s, green peppers, and hot peppers.  We have no less than 30 tomatoes growing and in most recent developments, we have watermelon and cantaloupe that have finally started growing.
Gardening has been a great learning experience for the kids.  They are learning that bees are not bad, that good food comes from the earth and that patience and care will bear fruit, Much like the kids, the garden grows overnight.  They love watering the plants, checking on growth daily, and making things like salsa and zucchini muffins from things freshly picked from the garden.
We have expansion plans for next year.  Grant and Maria have requested berries and broccoli and I’d like to find some non-GMO corn to plant.  I’m enjoying the process more than I thought and glad we put in the initial work.  There is something very satisfying about growing your own food and I know that Grant and Maria are learning valuable lessons to take with them in life.

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