Regression.  The act of stepping backwards.  Pretending to not be able to do something that you had previously mastered.  Example: Bedwetting, peeing on floors, peeing in your clothes even though you have been potty trained for years.

We are experiencing this phenomenon in our house now.  Graem has arrived, which means that Brae and Sienna have each forgotten how to use the toilet.

Makes complete sense…. right?

How the arrival of a new baby correlates to a preschooler’s and pre-kindergartener’s bladder is beyond me, but I know it’s common.

In any case, it’s our life right now.  Brae seems to have improved, but Sienna is still peeing on her floor at night.  She’s using the toilet everywhere else – at other people’s houses, at school – just not at home.

I know it’s a phase, and we’ll get through it.  Just not sure our carpets will.

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