Sweet Chaos

The last two weeks of July have me out of town for union contract negotiations.  Last week I was scheduled to be home on Friday, but ended up not getting home until Saturday evening.  When I arrived home, my welcoming committee was waiting in the front yard and Maria ran to my van to welcome me home.  After being gone for four nights, she had certainly grown.  Grant and Maria’s best friends who live three doors down were over and soon everyone piled into the house.  Everyone was buzzing with excitement.


Soon dinner was fixed and the neighbor’s headed home so we could have some family time.  Grant and Maria happily told me about their week and declared on more than one occasion that they missed me.  I missed them, too.  We did baths and bedtime and more than once, they had me cracking up.  It was good to be home.


On Sunday morning, we went outside to fix my tomato plants that had been blown over in storms from Saturday night.  We ended up having to cut off some broken limbs which meant sacrificing some baby tomatoes.  Before I knew it, the kids and I were hurling tomatoes at the squirrels.  We laughed and laughed as Grant declared “tomato fight!!!!!!”


I was so happy to be home.  It’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day chaos and forget to enjoy it.  Sometimes a little time away is in order.  Week two away and I’m definitely looking forward to returning home to our loud and sometimes chaotic home.



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