Pictures and Graem’s First Month

PhotobucketGraem’s due date was last Friday, yet he’s been here for exactly one month already.  I still can’t believe how small he is, although he is starting to look more like a typical newborn.  At his last appointment, he was 7 lb., 7 oz, and just over 20 inches.  Developmentally, he’s on target, and the doctor who did his circumcision (ouch!) said he had no idea Graem was premature until he looked at his chart.

Graem is a laid back little dude.  He hates being cold, and he loves to be held.  If you can satisfy those two needs (apart from the whole feeding/sleeping thing), he’s a happy camper.

Nursing is going remarkably well (praise God!).  With Sienna’s torticollis, nursing was a challenge. I ended up pumping, breastfeeding, and supplementing for four months before I raised the white flag.

Graem has been a whole new story.  It took some time, but we’ve finally hit our groove with nursing.  This was a huge prayer request of mine, and I feel so grateful to be able to do it.  My goal is to get him to 6 months, when I have to go back to work full time.

The sleep deprivation has eased up a bit.  I try to nap once during the day.  Graem gives me about 3.5-4 hour stretches at night.  If I don’t nap, and it’s been a rough night with Graem, I notice my patience wears very thin.  Since I don’t want to lose my patience with Brae and Sienna, those naps are crucial.

Brae and Sienna have remembered how to use the toilet now (thank goodness), and generally seem to be adapting better to Graem.  They still want to hold him, touch him, kiss him, and generally pester him constantly, but also are more receptive when its time to stop.

Tygh enjoys his new son, and its becoming more apparent how much he and Graem look alike.  In fact, looking at Graem is like looking at Tygh’s face on a small body. A little strange.

When Graem was 2 weeks old, we took the following photos.   (PS – the 4th of July quilt is one that was given to us by a volunteer when Graem was in the NICU – a very special blanket).



1 (1) 13 15 21 24 25



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