Four Year Old Funnies

Grant: Mommy, wipe my butt.

Me: G, you know how to wipe your butt.

Grant: What day is it?

Me: Friday.

Grant: I don’t wipe my butt on Saturdays.

Me: Well today is Friday

Grant: I don’t wipe my butt on Fridays or Saturdays.

Me: stifled laughter as I walk away. (And, I didn’t wipe his butt.)


Maria outgrew her shoes overnight leaving her only with one pair of sandals to wear.  We went shoe shopping and found some that met with her approval.  Upon getting home I gathered her old shoes and got them ready to post for sale.  She grew rather concerned and insisted she could still wear them.  I decided that I’m going to have to make them disappear when she’s not watching as she definitely has some hoarding tendencies.


Grant: Mommy, watch me!

He proceeds to do a pirouette.

Grant: Was that a pretty spin?

Me: Yes, that was.

Grant: Oooohhhh.  I wanted it to be a cool spin.  Not pretty!



Maria: Mommy, I want some lemon wawey.

Me: You need to say it correctly.

Maria: Lemon wawey.

Me: No…lemon water.

Maria: Lemon watERRRRR.

Me: Good!

Maria: Now, can I have some lemon wawey?


They both struggle with some enunciation.  While we can understand most of what they say, there are sometimes when we are at a loss.  I think their “twinness” might be holding them back slightly as they completely understand each other so aren’t forced to change any speech patterns for understanding.   We’re working on these issues…one word at a time.  I remind myself that Grant called Maria “Rita” for the longest time, then overnight she became “Ria”.   And pee-buwey became peanut butter overnight as well.

Maria got out of bed on Saturday and ran to her note book and pens.  She quickly started drawing and soon called me to look at her drawing.  “Look Mommy, I drew a dinosaur!  It has a tail and a smiley face!”   It doesn’t exactly look like a dinosaur…. (photo below).



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