My Adoption Story




My name is Sarah Herndon and I am a new blogger for NEDC. I was introduced to NEDC through a doctor who was speaking on Embryo Adoption. I was told of success stories of couples that had become pregnant after many years of dealing with infertility. Like many women, it was never a concept that I had either considered or had heard about. Even though embryo adoption has been a choice for woman in helping them conceive for years, it is amazing how many women still have not heard of this unique opportunity.

After struggling with infertility for 5 years, my journey of desperation and determination was constantly on my mind. It was what I drank every morning and slept with every night. I was the longest visiting patient at my infertility clinic at the age of 36. I had refused to leave until I had achieved my goal of pregnancy. The journey had been a very long one, filled with determination but ending in failed attempts and thousands of dollars of treatments. When my husband and I found NEDC it was our last hope of having our own child together. It also wasn’t something I wanted to talk about with anyone. It was the inner secret that took over my thoughts completely.

There were many reasons that could have contributed to failed pregnancy and miscarriage and there was still no solution. I had tried every treatment available except IVF, due to our ages this was not a option we wanted to pursue. It was coming to the reality that this may be a never happening event that I was going to have to face in my life. Coming to terms with that emptiness was one of the scariest feelings I walked through in my life as a woman. Wanting a child with the person that was my soul mate and best friend was all I could think about in my life at that time.

Our first attempt with NEDC was not successful, again, we were so desperate and feeling lost. I had my second transfer May 2012.

The second attempt was when we got our breakthrough! Ten days after my transfer became one of the best days of my life; I would get that positive test, that would finally change the course of dread, fear, and pain, into joy, excitement, and a greater love! My daughter Vivienne was born January 2013 by C-Section at 37 weeks. We are currently scheduled for a sibling transfer next month. It is a journey I am so excited to hopefully experience one more time.


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