Sienna has started biting.  Other kids.  Smaller kids.

This is new for us, and actually just started in the last couple of weeks.  It has happened three times – each time when the other child either took a toy away from her or was otherwise interfering with her play time.

One time, she broke skin.

It’s mortifying.

Each time, the other parent has been extremely cool and understanding (I hope I would be too).  I remorsefully explain this is new behavior and we think is related to her new baby brother and adjusting to her new normal.  It doesn’t make me feel better to provide this explanation, but I hope it somehow arouses enough sympathy in the other parent so they don’t label me as “unfit” for allowing me to bring an untamed child into public.

Sienna knows biting is wrong – and she’s old enough to use her words to speak up.  I’m not quite sure where this is all coming from, except maybe it’s the perfect storm of turning 3, becoming a big sister, and a middle child.

My heart goes out to her.



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