A guest post from a donor mom, “What I’m looking for in an adoptive family”


My sister in law just welcomed her twins the same month that Graem was born.  She did IVF and has 5 stellar embryos remaining.  She is going to adopt them through NEDC.

The paperwork is filled out, and she and her husband are eager to complete the process.

I’ve asked her what she is looking for in an adoptive family, and she responded with this:

The number one thing we are looking for in an adoptive family is the same thing we based our decision on when writing our will and choosing who our children would go to… We want someone who will make it their priority to get these little souls to heaven someday. We are not able to parent these five embryos here on earth, but knowing we’ll all be united in heaven someday gives us peace about whatever happens between now and then. 

Beyond that, we will be looking for a family with similar interests and temperaments as our family. We want our biological children to feel like they “fit in” with their family so finding someone similar to us is important for that reason. We’d like to find a family that is laid back, emotionally stable, physically active, fun loving, and adventurous. We would prefer a family that does not live in a big city, but not out in the boonies either. A smallish suburb with good schools and traditional values would be ideal. 

We will be looking to see if they have a strong marriage with a foundation in Christ. We’ll also be looking to see if they have strong relationships with the rest of their family and community. 

Beyond these tangible attributes, we’ll also just go with our gut. I think we’ll know when we feel that strong connection with someone and it will just feel right. We’ll be praying (and ask for your prayers) that our babies will be firmly held in God’s hands as this important decision is made.

I cannot wait to see how God leads this journey!


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