Staycation Observations

We took a family staycation last week.  We find this an affordable way to have family fun time and see things in and around our hometown that we don’t otherwise see.  We did a mix of things including the Louisville Slugger Museum and the Creation Museum.  We all enjoyed the time together and additional rest.  Somethings I noticed last week:


  • I can sleep for 11 hours with no problem.  I think I got nearly 11 hours of sleep every night.  It was glorious and only made my 5:00 a.m. alarm that much more painful on Tuesday.
  • Grant is a verbal processor and is always thinking.  I knew this, but not sure I understood the extent.  The night we got home from the Creation Museum he was in his bed and looked at me and thoughtfully asked “Do I have to go on the cross like Jesus to go to heaven?”  Wow!  That was deep.  I replied no; Jesus did that for us.  Our conversation soon went to how we get to heaven…and by get to heaven he wanted to know if we walked or drove.
  • Maria is laser focused in her desires.  When we went to the slugger museum we mentioned getting a little bat.  She wanted a pink bat.  The entire tour she was looking for a pink bat.  It was the only thing she could think about.  Imagine her disappointment when the pink bats were WAY overpriced.  She was stuck with the free baby bat in the color of wood.  Her disappointment was quickly appeased when she found a stuffed horse wearing a pink horse.  She refuses to name it “Slugger”…
  • Glitter is like the herpes of the craft world.  We made a giant snowflake out of Popsicle sticks as one of our school craft projects.  Maria also made several rainbow colored snowflakes.  Each snowflake was covered in glitter.  Jeremy merely walked through the room with the snowflakes and ended up with glitter on his face.
  • My kids can walk a lot.  We parked in my parking garage for work and walked about 7 blocks to the Slugger museum.  After the museum we walked to the waterfront and got to see the river and some boats.  All in all, they walked over 2 miles.  Complaining only started in the last block and was understandable due to heat and hunger.  I was quite proud at how well they did.
  • “Are we there yet” is a phrase that is innate.  Didn’t matter if we were going to the splash park 15 minutes away or the Creation Museum and hour and a half away…we heard the question.  And every time the response was “Does it look like we’re there?”… and the reply was always “No.”
  • Maria still has to sit in front.  In our tandem stroller – even as an infant – Maria had to be in the front seat.  At the Creation Museum, they got to ride a camel.  It accommodated a child on either side of it’s hump.  Maria requested/insisted on being in front of the hump.  Grant, recognizing his lot in life, without argument, sat in the back.

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