Social Media has been an amazing way to connect with other women. When I first started with NEDC, It was enlightening to read blogs and view pictures of the wonderful stories and babies born from embryo adoption. It was a doorway to the lives of women and the families they wanted to share.

After my own successful embryo adoption, I came across Tamara and her blog from NEDC. I was so taken with her little boy, John Luke. He had very similar features to my little girl- Vivi. I emotionally connected with her stories and the big smile from her little boy.  I remember wishing I could ask about her embryo journey and I really wanted to know more about her life and how her little boy had changed her. What had caused her infertility problems? How did she deal with her adoption emotionally?  The day came, when I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and messaged her. I am so happy I did!

Our relationship has blossomed and we have shared stories, experiences and intimate conversation. It has been the best medicine for me to have that connection and a go to mom. We were able to meet for the first time in May. We had dinner together as we introduced our spouses and watched our babies meet for the first time. What a happy day! Meeting Tamara was a great opportunity and a delight because she was open to meeting me in person. I will be seeing her for a second time when I travel to NEDC for a sibling transfer this month. I am so excited to continue our friendship in person and at a distance. I am also very excited about my sibling transfer. Praying for a successful outcome!

I really wanted to share about my connection with Tamara on my blog. There are many women still struggling with infertility, loss and just being lonely. Women need friendships to other women. I also believe the connection our children can have with other adopted embryos may give them an avenue to emotionally connect with the same experience of being adopted. Step out of your comfort zone and make a connection. I would love to hear from other women who want to share or just need a listening ear.


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  1. Sarah, you are so right about how beneficial and therapeutic it is to have connections and build friendships with those who understand your journey and are walking a similar path. It sounds like I’m actually going to be one of your September NEDC transfer buddies thanks to our wonderful donor family! I’d love to chat more!

    • Hi Amber,
      I just saw your reply- thanks for reaching out! So exciting!! I am still learning how to get around this website. I would love to hear more about your transfer. Are you a first timer or are you trying for a sibling? I am so happy to hear these little ones are getting adopted- miracles from heaven :0)

      • Thanks for replying! I agree, It is so awesome that all these littles are getting adopted out and it is a true bleesing. This is actually our 2nd try with our adopted embies. We were also in the July cycle and fell pregnant but unfortunately lost it at 5 weeks. We originally adopted 12 beautiful blasts and now 2 are in heaven. How many tries did it take to get your first successul (healthy baby) transfer? Also, if we want to chat in a more private setting my email is Thanks!!

  2. Hello Sarah,
    I will also be in the September NEDC transfer group! Thank you for your blog. We become sponges for information when we go through this, and you are so correct about needing and wanting to have friendships with other EA recipients. Praying we have lots of positive results
    this month! I would also enjoy chatting 🙂

  3. Hi Tonya! Just saw your post, I am so excited for you and will praying for a blessing for you and your family! It is getting so close and feeling very anxious. I would love to hear more from you. Are you just starting out or is this a sibling transfer? My transfer is on Saturday the 20th.

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