Five Years Down the Road

September 17 marks 5 years since our embryo transfer. Five years since we saw Grant and Maria as tiny perfect embryos. Five years since we started our journey as parents. It feels like yesterday and a decade ago at the same time. I loved them the moment I saw them. We prayed for clingers. We wondered what was going on inside me. Was it going to work? It’s a strange feeling being hopeful for a positive result while simultaneously preparing for the next steps and how to handle it if it didn’t work.

Five years down the road we had no idea what our life would look like today. We couldn’t picture the perfect children that God would give us. We had no idea that Jeremy would be a stay-at-home dad and testing out home school. All I knew at the time is that I wanted a baby (or two). A positive pregnancy test and healthy baby was the end game on transfer day.

Five years down the road our family is complete. The thought of a spontaneous pregnancy is exciting and panic inducing at the same time. I asked Jeremy if he wanted to get a vasectomy….just in case. Feeling confident in the deficiency of his swimmers, he declined, but stated he had the same thought.

Five years down the road still worry about the fate of Grant and Maria’s ten remaining genetic siblings. I pray that their special consideration label won’t scare people off and encourage those who are in the process to consider these and others with special considerations. They are worthy of life out of the freezer. I know we were blessed with our decision to honor God’s direction.

Five years down the road, I’m still beyond grateful for the gift of embryo adoption.

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