Transfer Day


Saturday was the big day! I felt like I could write the handbook on how to survive a full bladder and medication of an embryo transfer. I was surprised how relaxed I felt and the faith that I had in putting everything in God’s hands.

Our embryo’s survived the thaw! Hallelujah! We were able to transfer a 5AA and 4AA siblings, there were only 2 embryos left. I am so thankful today for these precious lives! It was also wonderful to see all the staff at NEDC. I truly appreciate the care that is given to bring about the opportunity for these lives to find homes. I was not able to meet any of the other families as we were at the end of the list that day. The transfer went the smoothest out of all of them.

It has been five days after my transfer and I have had some implantation cramping and am feeling fatigue. I won’t be one of the mom’s rushing to the store to get a pregnancy test. I feel confident that somebody is settling in their new home.

I have been thinking and praying for all NEDC moms waiting for news on their transfers. The wait is so hard and can be a challenge to focus on life. Then we all have to wonder and wait for the HCG levels and ultrasounds. I have to say the ultrasound is the most worrisome for me, as I have had the vanishing twin syndrome and several miscarriages. Ultrasounds have a way of dragging out the worst outcome for a period of time that seems like an eternity of wait and misery.

My heart is sad knowing that these are the outcomes that come along with FET. I think more so than regular pregnancy. These embryos go through so much with being frozen and thawed it’s a miracle they even survive at all. I hope everyone can find comfort in knowing these babies are loved by you and no longer frozen even though they may not survive.

During my first transfer, I transferred 3 embryos and I was devastated when they all perished. This was a hard reality and it took some processing time. I remembered I needed some closure to heal from this. I bought a Christmas ornament that was a nest with 3 eggs in it. It is a memorial I hang on my tree every year. A reminder of the love I have for those babies. Over time the sorrow gets better but the memory will always be strong. I have no regrets. As I have gone through each transfer that is the question I always ask myself. Will I regret the outcome of a failed transfer? The passion I have for embryo adoption has not changed but grown stronger with each one.

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