Celebration of Hope


Thursday was my celebration of hope day. I got my next HCG results and I was shocked to get a 91! I had so prepared for the worst and was already planning for everything to be over. I was still cramping and feeling terrible. I am so relieved – and will be doing another test on Monday.

I really want to celebrate and call all my friends and tell them our good news. I know we have many tests and mountains to go over before I will feel things are safe to share.

This weekend I spent time researching HCG levels and FET windows of implantation. I discovered that many women land with all sort of numbers (my numbers have always been over 100). When I got 39 as my first result it was over in my mind! I was surprised that there were moms that said they had twins and even triplets with a starting low number. The conclusion I learned about HCG levels is that it doesn’t matter the starting number as long as your levels are doubling, as they should. It would be great if there were a forum to post questions on NEDC. I have had questions going through each transfer, and many women must have them as well. With all the cramping I have had that I didn’t experience before, I could only guess what the cause may be. I feel due to my extra thick lining my embryos may have had a harder time implanting. I have wanted a direct answer on FET implantation window; most resources I read were 5-7 days post transfer. I could not find a textbook answer on this. If anyone knows, please send me a post. I know if may not matter now as I received a positive, but I do like to help others who may want to know these kind of questions.

This week I will be praying for the viability of my pregnancy and taking some down time to spend with a close friend of mine. I scheduled this trip before my transfer to break away from the emotional stress of whatever the final result would be. I hope to hear of positive results from other mom’s and celebrate with them on their surviving embryos. I hope everyone is taking care of the emotional side of your transfer.


One thought on “Celebration of Hope

  1. Praying your numbers keep doubling and you get a healthy sibling for Vivi. It is such an emotional journey and so much uncertainty in early pregnancy; praying all is well. Feeling happy and positive good things are happening!!

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