Tell Us The Story!

Grant and Maria like for me to tell the story of when they were in my belly. Over time they have started to add their own parts. It goes something like this:

Me: “Mommy and Daddy prayed about the babies we would have. You all were extra special because you were frozen embryos.”

Grant: “Frozen!? That’s silly, Mommy.”

Me: “Yes, you all were just waiting for Mommy and Daddy to pick you. We prayed and God told us that you were the ones for us. A nice doctor put you in Mommy’s belly and you decided that you wanted to stick around.”

Maria: “It’s nice and warm in here.”

Me: “So you started to grow and Mommy and Daddy got to see you when your arms were like little fins and you were just swimming around. You grew and grew and Mommy’s belly got REALLY BIG. Grant was wild fist-pumping all the time and Maria was rolled up in a little ball. Then, one night it got really crazy and…..”


Grant: *shoulder shrug and giggle*

Me: “We went to the hospital so we could see what was going on. You were supposed to keep cooking for a couple more months, so the doctors said they were going to let you stay as long as possible. But, three days later, you all said you were coming out. Grant was first…”

Grant (shifting his eyes and shrugging his shoulders): “I looked at the doctors and said ‘hey, what’s going on?”

Maria (with a shiver): “And I said ‘PUT ME BACK! IT’S COLD!!!'”

The story goes on and we talk about how they were in the NICU and how they had to learn to sit and walk and talk.

They love their story. I do, too.

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