Connecting Through Embryo Adoption


My final HCG level came back doubling and strong! It was a relief to know my sibling embryo has a chance after all. Now just to get through the first ultrasound. Holding my breath for a strong heartbeat!! Feeling blessed and so thankful today.

Last week I met with a preceptor and friend of mine who introduced me to embryo adoption. It is wonderful the friendships and connections that can be made this way. She was amazed at my daughter and the miracle of her life and how she is growing each day. I also was introduced to a woman whose husband is a doctor and best friend with Dr. Finger. He is the doctor and spokesperson who travels and promotes embryo adoption in churches and groups who haven’t heard of adopting in this way. If anyone out there is interested in having him come speak at your church or organization, he can be contacted through the NEDC. I was told this is the last year he will be speaking and teaching on embryo adoption.

I am always looking for an opportunity to share my story. I keep a picture on the back of my phone of my daughter in hope that someone will ask me about her. It gives me the opportunity to share and pray for those who are struggling in this area. I hope other women out there who have adopted embryos can feel led to share and bring hope to family, friends, and strangers. It is like a gift that keeps on giving. I pray my story gives hope to others and it opens my heart in deeper thankfulness for what I have received through adoption. It also is a reminder of how precious life is when facing hard times. I can look at my daughter on those bad days and just reflect at the end of the day.

Attached my phone pic of Vivienne


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