New Life


Last week was my first ultrasound. I have to travel an hour away for my infertility specialist, so it is a planned trip of much needed time for reflection on this new pregnancy. I had the wonderful surprise of seeing my baby’s heartbeat for the first time! It was a beautiful, awesome moment! I am still getting over the shock of it all. I am also feeling very terribly nauseous, too! I am working through my shots and have been wondering how all the other moms are doing and feeling with their shots, too!

The wait is hard. I need more patience to endure the shots and for the next ultrasound next week. It is a struggle not to worry about a bad outcome – if there will be a heartbeat next time and wondering if there are any genetic problems with this baby. I have been trying to stay busy and keep my mind elsewhere. I am happy holiday-business is approaching to keep my mind working in another direction.

I am anticipating all the future holds for this pregnancy and the birth-moment. Besides the birth, I am looking forward to the day I can tell my daughter about her sibling and God blessing us with her and how he has allowed this miracle of a new baby to take place, as well. I am looking through resources on embryo adoption at the moment. I bought a book from Amazon that was at the NEDC. It is called The Pea That Was Me. It is an awesome resource and very well done. I can’t wait to read it to my daughter. I haven’t found many resources on embryo adoption for kids. If there are moms out there that want to share resources on what they found helpful in sharing information to their child send me a note. It would be greatly appreciated.


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