Fall Family Fun

This is undoubtedly my favorite time of year. I love the changing leaves and cooler temperatures and the outside fun we can have.

Several weeks ago we had family pictures taken. Getting two four-year-olds to look at the camera and smile without a cheesy grin is quite the task. But, my father-in-law took a ton of frames and I think captured some great and memorable shots.

Last week, I took a couple of days off work for a little fall break and extra family time. I got to do school lessons with the kids and realize how hard it is being a substitute teacher. Jeremy has a definite method worked out with them and I certainly wasn’t well versed on the method. I’m glad I changed my major and didn’t become a teacher.

We also went to a local farm and selected our pumpkins. The kids could not carry their pumpkins and we resorted to a mixed method of rolling them and carrying to a spot and going back for the ones left behind. When we paid for them, we realized that we probably went a little overboard. Our smallest pumpkin was 15 pounds with the other three being 23 to nearly 25 pounds. No wonder we were all sweating! We certainly have plenty of seeds for roasting.

This week we had our first trick or treating event at the college from which Jeremy and I graduated. Grant donned his Spiderman costume and asked if people thought he was the real Spiderman and Maria garnered lots of praise for her unique “dog riding a horse” costume. She takes full credit for the idea and final result. She even named her horse Sparky. I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff. She definitely didn’t get her creativity from me!












photo 1 (3)

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

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