Thanksgiving Cheers!


Happy Thanksgiving to all NEDC Moms! November is another month of adoption transfers at NEDC. How exciting! As an NEDC mom, I am praying for the women, embryos, and staff of NEDC. I know there will be success stories along with disappointment of those who didn’t get the outcome they had hoped for. I do want to encourage those who are feeling worried and those who have experienced loss that hope is what helps us all survive the good with the bad. God has a divine plan for each family and each frozen miracle.

I look back at all the struggles and pain in my past and can now see it was taking the good with the bad that gave me hope to continue to seek what God had planned for me. I am so thankful and relieved that I didn’t quit and give up when the struggles were hard and outcomes disappointing. I also realize now that the pain of loss and struggles through this journey have given me strength and a voice with friends and women who have crossed my path in times of need. If I had not experienced what miscarriage is and pain of pregnancy problems and birth disappointments with C-Sections, I would be less effective in helping those who struggle when they have crossed my path in this life.

Thanksgiving will be a struggle this year as I am too nauseous to enjoy food and have to skip the pumpkin pie as sugar makes it unbearable! I am willing to choose to be thankful and embrace it all because of the gift of life inside. I will take time this week to be thankful for the gains and losses in my life and the beauty in simplicity and complexity. I hope we “Moms” can reflect on those precious moments that come through hard work and be thankful with all the gifts that God brings through life and relationships.

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