Nausea Season


Thanksgiving is over but the season for yummy great food is still present. As I turn 13 weeks my nausea is still going strong. I have been researching and pulling all the resources to conquer the monster! It is amazing how quickly it comes on and how each pregnancy can be so different from the last. This is the first pregnancy that I get more nausea as the day goes on and by evening it is hard to eat at all. The crackers by the bed trick are not an option as my nausea attacks are quite good in the mornings. I have turned to ginger and lemon tea, which has helped for quick relief but does not help for long. Protein helps and staying away from sugars, carbs and spicy food. Eating more frequently and less food at one time helps, too. I experienced this weekend that club soda with a little of cranberry juice brought calm to the storm!

I really wanted to do some research on nausea and reasons behind women’s struggles with this during pregnancy. I also am wondering if taking the hormones for the transfer contributes to more nausea than in a regular pregnancy. In my case it has. I have read articles dealing with hormones, diet to h-pylori. It is problematic as there seems to not be one clear answer on what causes nausea in pregnancy and it appears to be a different cause from person to person. It did help me to research all the possible remedies that can help. Currently, I have had to stop my prenatal vitamins as I cannot keep them down and they make me sick all day long. I have had to compensate with natural nutrients. It is frustrating to not take them – and not taking them gives me a sense of the lousy-mom syndrome.

Dealing with diet and problems with pregnancy can leave women with emotional baggage without proper counsel or friendships during pregnancy. Personally, I have had to call on different health professionals and friends to help me deal with my issues. My goal in the end is to feel like I have done every thing possible for the best outcome for my baby – but, even then, outcomes can still turn out bad. I am hoping and praying for a healthy baby outcome from this pregnancy.


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