At 14 Weeks


I turned 14 weeks this weekend. Last week, I had my ultrasound to check on the subchorionic bleed and check on baby. It was a relief to receive good news that my bleed was smaller and baby was doing well. I have reached the end of the first trimester and am excited to move on to the second.

The last two weeks have been “break the news weeks” with family and close friends. I decided in the beginning that I would wait as long as I needed to share the “secret”. In the past it has seemed it has been more about everyone’s feelings than what I feel I needed to do for myself. I also wanted to prepare to deal with the long-range of reactions that are not always so sweet and caring. Overall people have not been surprised. Most of the reactions have been very commonplace (that’s nice, let’s talk about something else). I was prepared for that, too! I feel as I get older I am more comfortable to have boundaries and care less about what people think of me and my situation. I just find it very odd how excited people can be for a pregnancy that is considered your first and how unexciting when siblings come along. The mood and the perception of this can change greatly.

I would love to hear from Mom’s on how they welcomed a sibling and if their families were excited or just matter-of-fact about the new addition. It’s too bad that the first one can receive so much of the glory. Having twins seems like a win-win situation as both babies get the beauty of celebrating together and all the attention at once. I don’t have twins but that would be my opinion.

I wanted to share the sweet picture of my current ultrasound. I hope and pray things will continue to go well in my pregnancy. I am so thankful we were chosen for this wonderful little person to be a part of our family! Thanks to all those who pray for the souls of those frozen babies and advocate for their lives. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers, too! If any moms out there who want to write, my email is I would love to hear from you.



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