Twelve years ago this week Grant and Maria were conceived and frozen. They were perfectly formed. Suspended in time. Just waiting.

At some point during their wait their genetic family, whom we will likely never meet, lovingly donated them; thus, giving them a chance for life out of the freezer.

Had they been born based upon their conception date we would be looking at middle school instead of kindergarten.

Twelve years ago Jeremy and I had been dating for 2 1/2 years and we were recent college graduates. I was working my first professional HR job and contemplating graduate school. Jeremy had just gotten a job with a local TV station where he would end up working until Grant and Maria were born.

Twelve years ago we were discussing marriage, but we weren’t ready yet. Both of us needed to live on our own first. I had recently moved into a small apartment and adopted my first cat and bought my first Christmas decorations. That first Christmas she knocked over the Christmas tree. She’s now a crusty old lady who eats the branches of that same small Charlie Brown tree.

Twelve years ago I wanted to adopt after we had “our own” children.

Twelve years ago I assumed having a baby would be something that would come easy on the timing that we determined.

Twelve years ago God had other plans.

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