‘Tis the Season


This will be my daughter’s second Christmas. Last year we barricaded the Christmas tree with play yards to keep her from crawling up the tree. It is so exciting to see her light up with all the fun decorations and Christmas goodies!

I have started sharing with her about the new baby coming. It is so sweet to see her lift up my shirt and point and say baby and see her mind try to wrap around that complex thought. As I look back to Vivienne’s birth, I remember being ready to explode just 2 Christmas’s ago. I was already having contractions and still tried to put up my Christmas tree. She was born on January 9th. She missed Christmas and I was fine with that as she would have been here too early for us to enjoy her anyway.

This was my first successful embryo adoption birth and my daughter was very big. She was 8 lbs at 37 weeks when she was born. In utero, I remember feeling like she was going to be a big baby. I wondered if this was an embryo adoption connection or just her. When she was born she looked like 40 weeks, hands down. I remember watching everyone’s faces in the delivery room that day; everyone was amazed at how beautifully big she came out. I was border-line gestational diabetic; however, I kept things under control with my diet. The thought of a 10-pound baby was quite scary! Diet control for sure!

I am looking forward to not delivering so close to Christmas with this second birth. It will be nice to be over the birth tiredness and back to a barricaded tree again next Christmas. It is strange at this time to think about how there will be two siblings together. It will be interesting to observe their similarities and differences. I truly hope they will be close siblings! Attached is a picture of Vivienne putting up the Christmas tree! This is the look she gives me looking at Christmas lights! So magical!




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