It’s a Boy!


I am still in shock over the news of the gender of this baby. What a wonderful surprise! In my past blogs, I have stated how much this pregnancy was so much like my daughter’s and even more hormonal. When I carried my daughter, my symptoms were very similar – but the nausea has been so much worse. I really believed I was carrying a girl and would have bet money on it! I still haven’t seen the ultrasound but my blood test came back that I am carrying a boy. God is full of surprises! I will be getting my anatomy scan on the baby and will post pictures soon.

We have begun preparing my daughter for the baby a little more each month. We talk about the baby everyday and I show her pictures. It is amazing how quick toddlers pick up on these things. It is very exciting to see her think about it and take it all in. These last few days we have started potty training. The thought of trying to accomplish this task either right before giving birth or after does not seem workable. She is very excited about the attention she is getting and it is going very well. Vivienne really has blossomed into a toddler. Here birthday is this week and she will be 2. She is doing and saying so much more everyday. I am excited to keep working on the big transition of her going from baby to big sister!

Finally, I am trying to get creative on how I can use some of the pink baby items we have and convert them for a boy. It was so hard not to buy pink with my girl so I was not thinking – if I had another, it would be a boy! We are not planning on having any more babies; it seems wasteful to buy all new baby stuff for a boy because it’s pink. It will be nice to have a change of color to blue and the see how each child will compliment the other.

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